Learning Circle

Learning Circle is a small group that is a comfortable and safe environment to ask and discuss the questions you have always wanted to ask. It has been a source of great joy and learning for over 17 years. Please join us on this spiritual journey whenever you are available! We meet the first and second Sundays of each month at 8:45 a.m. in the Lounge, October through May.

Women’s Circles

Two circles support our church’s mission and programs. Each circle is a small group of women who gather to nurture their faith and growth in our Lord, to challenge one another to stretch beyond their limits, and to move beyond the safe places of life by reaching out to others.

Some fundraisers include pasty sales, a flea market, and a craft & food sale. Profits are used to support several special mission causes. Circles meet once each month. See the Calendar page for meeting times.

Contemporary Studies

The Contemporary Studies group extends a very warm welcome to women of all ages and faiths. As a reading and study group, we read, discuss, explore and share. We also enjoy the social aspects of community. We meet in the church lounge weekly from 9:30-11:30 am on Thursday mornings from September through May.

Contemporary Studies is more than a reading group. It’s a forum for women of all ages with diverse religious and cultural backgrounds to join together weekly to discuss books and society in an informal and welcoming atmosphere. We utilize literature and contemporary platforms (documentaries, speakers, visits to community agencies etc.) to learn about our world in a fun and low-key atmosphere. We’ve met at Lakeside Presbyterian Church the past forty years, meeting the current needs of women of all faiths and beliefs. We invite you to join us!